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Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau

Sustainability certificates
Compromís per a la Sostenibilitat Turística Barcelona Biosphere (CSTBB)
Certificació Biosphere
For marbet, it is essential to create emotions through experiences. We are people who work for the wellbeing of others. We are specialists in creating and executing tailor-made events, whether in person, hybrid or digital. Each moment requires specific creativity and resources, always personalised, even if it is the same brand. The objectives pursued, the target audience or the available budget are, among others, determining factors for each project.
Commitment, professionalism, sincerity, versatility, sustainability, proximity to the client and teamwork are our guidelines. Most importantly, however, we have our own solid character, thanks to a team of professionals who have been together for many years. This stability is essential to maintain the marbet identity.
We currently have 4 offices in Germany and one in Spain. In total, we have 26 years of international and 19 years of national experience. During this time, we have carried out events in more than 50 countries and have managed more than 4,500 projects. Therefore, an endless number of experiences, emotions, sensations, ideas, smiles ... in short, thousands of exciting moments.