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Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau

We are specialized in personnel for corporate events, we not only work with hostesses, but with other profiles such as waiters, drivers or production assistants. We work with all languages, offer coverage throughout Spain and have 24h/7d service for our clients.

Our philosophy is based on two pillars:
1. "Happy Staff": We understand that part of success lies in working with motivated people, so we try to take maximum care of our staff. Thanks to our strict selection process, we get a highly qualified staff.
2. Customer orientation: We are knowledgeable about the sector and its requirements. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with a service of the highest quality, agile, with the ability to react and with the maximum customer orientation.

Since December 2020 we have joined the set of entities that work in the Commitment to Tourism Sustainability Barcelona Biosphere, through the BIOSPHERE SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE certification seal.