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Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau

AIM Group International is the leading global events, communication, and consultancy company in Europe, with solid company core values such as commitment, flexibility, and customer care in all projects.

AIM Spain, is the Spanish branch office of AIM Group Int, committed to creating remarkable collective stories together with their customers while leaving a positive footprint on attendees and the planet.

AIM empathizes with the needs and demands of the national and international markets and strives to provide a fresh and differentiated value proposition to our clients. Composed of a full team of experts dedicated to constantly innovating and staying ahead of industry trends, ensuring that their clients receive the most innovative and effective event design and event management solutions.

We are passionate about remaining the go-to experts in the Spanish market for event management, consultancy, and communication services, delivering excellence to our clients every step of the way.

AIM is always committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, flexibility, and reliability in all of their projects.