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Compromís per a la Sostenibilitat Turística Barcelona Biosphere (CSTBB)
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Team building and Corporate Events “Experience Gaudí”:
Based on the famous words of Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn!” In order to achieve specific goals, every workshop will be customized to meet the requirements of the company.

Sharing the experience of working together on a large mosaic piece such as a for example, the company logo, will enhance group motivation, communication and collaboration in an original, creative and innovative fashion. We will introduce the team to the mosaic technique “Trencadis” (mosaic created from broken pieces of ceramic like tiles) and provide expert assistance throughout this unique experience.

Trencadis Mosaic Events: ” Experience Gaudí”

We also offer Trencadis mosaic events for all kinds of groups (companies, schools..) Each participant will learn the basic trencadis-mosaic techniques, design and work on his/her own mosaic creation: a mirror, a photo frame or other mosaic decoration objects inspired in Antonio Gaudis masterworks…

General Information:

On-location: Mosaiccos workshop Barcelona close to Museo Picasso: Max. capacity 50 persons
Off-location: Mosaiccos Team will travel to the customer`s preferred location nationally and/or internationally.

Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Catalan; other languages could catered for on request.

Diploma accredited for Excellence "Mestre Artesà divulgatiu (Master craftsman diploma) in the work and divulgation of this Art, awarded by the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya at the Palau de la Generalitat in Barcelona to the owner, Angelika Heinbach of MOSAICCOS.